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Honeysuckle in Hambleden - Day Two (Bouquets and headpieces)

Honeysuckle in Hambleden - Day Two (Bouquets and headpieces)


27 June 2018

10.00 - 16.00

Set in a quintessentially English village in the Chilterns, we will be filling the Parish Hall in Hambleden with an abundance of summer blooms. Echoing the midsummer English gardens all around us, we will have the best of colours, scents and shapes.

The flower class will be run by Claire of Honeysuckle & Hilda with photography by Eva Nemeth. Eva’s work has featured in House and Garden, Country Living and The English Garden Magazine, amongst other publications.

Another day where summer flowers will be in plentiful supply as we spend the morning making beautiful, loose bouquets working on how to begin a structure and then fill it with layers of delicate stems and light, wispy gestures.

After a delicious, light lunch, we will make floral headpieces, with flowers, trailing vines and tendrils.

You will then scoop up your bouquets and don your crowns and make like midsummer gods and goddesses as Eva photographs you with your work in the village, meaning that you have a set of photographs for your portfolio.

Please note: we will not be hiring a separate model for this. The hope is that you will be photographed with your own work so that you can use the images to represent yourself in action. (Wear your nattiest suit or your floatiest linen dress or whatever you feel comfortable being photographed in - no rules apply, really we just want to enjoy taking some good pics for you).

Limited to 8 places

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