Honeysuckle and Hilda

An environmentally aware florist and a tiny Schnauzer that likes to model. A strong focus on wild, natural flowers with lots of textures and asymmetrical shapes. Floral styling, workshops, flowers for the home, events, weddings. 

Photo by Eva Nemeth

Photo by Eva Nemeth


Honeysuckle and Hilda: a florist and her two little dogs. Based in Oxfordshire, in a tiny village nestled in the Chilterns, we share a love of country walks and foraging in hedgerows.

Whilst we often go back to London for work, our recent escape to the countryside has further developed our appreciation of the abundant, wild and spontaneous shapes nature has to offer and this has carried itself ever further into our works. Sometimes small and delicate, often large and flamboyant, everything we do reflects the outdoors at its untamed best. Constantly on the lookout for branches with an interesting shape, or vines, trails and tendrils in the garden, our aim is always to reflect the landscape around us.